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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meet You n Meet Me

i keep in open mind, am outgoing, and sosial, and i like to meet new people. what to know more? just ask me, i pormise i dont bite.. im a crazy guy a ton of fun and believe only in quality friendships. life is too short to spend on half way friends that aren't willing to give it their all. i want is to be able to smile, laugh, ang cary and do something good in this life before its over !!!

i hold grudges and have a hard time forgiving people after they hurt me( but its depents on apa yang dia buat.. if it too much melampauai batas perangkaan kehidupan ku lah.. hehheh) i am who  i am,, and i dont care what you think, i have people that love me and that all metters because at the end of the day i know they will be there for me no metter what ! thanks god ! love you are a lover of love.. you love to love and be loved, you ar perhaps a hopeless remantic but those are rare nowadays. think of it as a gift. Whather  you ar saving yourself for that special someone of you have alredy found him or her. tou are part of an almost extinct species of human. The kind that believe in true love... B'cz love is truly beutiful ! [in the flower-flower mood.. hahaha] 
Im looking for someone who is honest, someone with a great sense of humor, an outgoing personality, and most of all, someone who is not superficial. lets face to face it, outer beuty can always be altered...

I just want to see and meet as many people wwith like-minded goals as possibble. i want to meet people who are amazing. people who love to love.  people who know how to fun. i want to meet people who are adventurous. people who wre spontaneous people with attitude. i want to meet people who are will laugh at me, cause im laughing at them, couse we're both retarded. i want to meet people who know what it means to have real friends.. people who can be happy talking about life for hours upon hours  just becouse sometimes its nice to be able to do that. people who will inspire me to be a better version of myself while i imspire them to be a better version of themselves....

People who will be there for you when you need them the most. people who are honest. people who will tell you that they love you, just for the sake of reminding you. i want to meet people who know that they dont have it all figured out yet. people who are content taking life one day at a time... people who dont juage ather just for the purpose of judging.. people who smile a lot. people who know that life is amazing even though sometimes it sucks.. haaahhaa.. i want to meet people who are so interested in actually. getting know someone that they'll read all the way donw to this point just find out who i really wanna meet but most mof all.....

lastly .. i want to meet people who are themselve !! im looking for who knows how to make me happy and ita happiness comes seconds to mine. i know that sounds selfish, but hey that what i want !! if you dunt agree with it... move on..

p/s : its me on real actly.... tak tahu lah.. terbelit juling mata aku wat karangan bahasa INggeris nie... hehhehehe

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